Hilary Silver is an award-winning therapist, dating, love and relationship expert based in Denver, Colorado. Hilary is best known for her authentic and direct style, which combines the most current trends in counselling and coaching, with her own wisdom and perspective. www.HilarySilver.com

Mastering the art of conversation

Awkward silences can be a turn off but so can being on a date with someone who won’t stop talking. 82% of Americans do not know what to say on a first date and 25% don’t enjoy small talk.

So it is important to get it right!

Hilary’s top tips for mastering the art of conversation include:
1. The importance of listening
2. The need to stop “people pleasing”
3. How to have a reciprocal conversation

It is also important to avoid certain topics so that you don’t put your date off - the #itsadate survey revealed the topics to avoid are: sex, politics and past relationships.

Hilary’s top tips tutorials will have you mastering the art of conversation in no time.